Textile DivisionInfrastructure

The total spinning capacity is 90,000 spindles including compact spinning of 17,000 spindles. The above spindleage capacity comprises of latest generation LAKSHMI machines and other international make.

  • LMW Bale Plucker to open the bales to very small tufts
  • Contamination Cleaner to eject most of the contamination in cotton with polypropelene sensor
  • LMW LC 300 V Cards which individualize the fibres gently and remove the fine trash
  • LMW LK 54 Combers
  • LMW RSB Draw Frames fitted with Autolevellers
  • LMW Speed Frames with 4 Over 4 Drafting systems to ensure defect free roving packages to spinning
  • State of the art LMW LR6 Ring Frames with Autodoffing
  • LMW Rocos and Suction Compact spinning
  • Schlafhost 338 and Savio Espiro Autowinder fitted with Uster Quantum and LOEPFE yarn clearers to remove contamination in yarn including polypropelene
  • Yarn Conditioning machine to maintain correct moisture in the yarn and to ensure better working performance in further process like knitting and warping
  • Yarn Gassing machine from RITE, Italy to produce quality Gassed yarn
  • Veejay Lakshmi TFO machines to produce knotless quality doubled yarn