Wind Energy Division

To meet our energy needs economically, environmentally safe and socially responsible way, we have ventured in to the new renewable energy sector, mainly wind energy. As the Wind Energy in India is economical, eco friendly and clean, energy we have installed 27.525MW of Wind Electric Generators (WEG), which cater to our captive energy requirements. At present our Wind Energy Division is generating Green Electricity which is more than the consumption of all our units and our vision is to expand this further in the future. As a socially committed Organisation to reduce the global warming, we ensure that our entire requirement of Electrical Energy is produced in conventional method.

The following table shows our wind turbines and its capacities.

WEG Capacity (KW) WEG Capacity (KW) Installed Capacity MW Place
225KW 11 2.475 Coimbatore, India
250KW 3 0.750 Coimbatore, India
300KW 47 14.100 Coimbatore, India
550KW 3 1.650 Coimbatore, India
850 KW 4 3.400 Coimbatore, India
1500KW 2 3.000 Theni, India
1650KW 1 1.650 Udumalpet, India
Total 27.025