Innovation Driven by Research and Development.

We are driving the world forward with groundbreaking discoveries and advancements by our R&D team with the help of our most powerful drive technology. We do so to help ever-growing businesses switch to enhanced efficiency and power-packed performance. We are continuously innovating our processes to deliver world-class products and services.

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment:

At Super Sales India Ltd, we consider quality, health, and safety at work, environmental protection, and effective energy management to be of utmost importance. These values are aligned with our group's core principles, particularly those concerning social, environmental, and energy sustainability. Therefore, our team is dedicated to continuously enhancing these aspects across our entire value chain.This includes everything from the design, material selection, and supplier purchasing processes to end-of-life management, quality testing, certifications and the establishment of sustainable workplaces. We respect all parties involved in the production chain and strive to ensure that sustainability is at the forefront of our operations.

Our Certifications

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