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We are moving the engineering industry to practise our specialisation in providing high-performing gears and gearbox technology. Our strong R&D proposition has helped us reach major sectors like Agriculture, Stone Crushing, Energy Transmission, GTRE gas Manufacturing Kaveri Engine for Aircraft, classified industry resources like Cutting Machine, Machine building industry, Automation Industry, Material handling equipment and more We are the leading gears and gearboxes manufacturers in India and the generators of competence. We are the engines of power and performance that propel the world forward.

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Our wide range of products is made with cutting-edge technology and is enhanced by continuous research and development to provide the best possible solutions



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Our custom-built gears fit seamlessly into any machine, giving it the necessary power and torque for efficient operation.


Custom Built


Our custom-built gearboxes are designed to fit into any workspace, giving high performance and optimal production.


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Our extensive service network covers every corner of the country with our versatile range of products and spare parts. Our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians is just a call away from providing efficient and prompt services. No matter the location, our expert assistance is assured to keep up with your optimal production value.

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Our engineering division works day in and day out to come up with innovations and advancements that help deliver world-class gears and gearboxes. The R&D team comes up with engineering solutions that help cater to the precise technical needs of the industries, making them perfect for every endeavor.


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